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As a child and my younger adult years I've always had cats in my home. Somehow a couple decades went by without having a cat. About 7 months ago I decided to go online and start searching for a kitty to adopt. I can't even begin to tell you how many shelters and 1000's of cats that came up in my search. I was saddened to see so many unloved cats sitting in crates waiting to be adopted. As my search continued I ruled out "shelters." I knew I wanted a cat that was use to people and would adjust well with my two little tea cup poodles. Days later I stumbled across "All 'Bout Cats, Inc." I was extremely impressed with the fact that All 'Bout Cats is a not for profit, a NO kill organization and that they actual have "foster homes" with "real families" where the kitties live until they are matched with a "forever" home. I sent an email expressing my desire to add a kitty to our family and inquired about one particular kitty named Echo, who was 5 months old. I got an immediate response so I requested more information, then talked on the phone with the "foster mom" on several occasions about Echo. We then set up a time for us to meet to make sure we all agreed that we would be the "forever home" Echo and her foster family were looking for. We were so impressed with All' Bout Cats that we drove an hour and a half one way. I can't even begin to express in words the nonstop laughter and joy that Echo brings to our lives and to our home. Echo's playfulness, unique personality and the way she comes to me every time I say her name is unlike all the other cats I've ever had. I absolutely believe this is because Echo and other kitties like her have had the fortunate opportunity of starting out their lives at "All 'Bout Cats" who provides a loving and stable foster home environment and are NOT crated and are allowed to run and play and socialize with people and other animals so they are well adjusted when you adopt them.

We will continue to support All 'Bout Cats so other families will find the love and the companionship that we have with Echo.

Mickie and Gary Brown Lakeland, FL

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