Randell & Roger

Larry & Leroy are now Randell and Roger. They’re doing great. It took a week for my 2 younger females to except them. Now all 6 are eating together. Randell and Roger now touch noses with Ava and Lilli and they are sniffing each others butts. The boys love the porch. They love watching the fish; the stuffed mice with feather tails, balls that crunch, and chasing the laser. They are getting use to eating dry food instead of canned food. They get a few spoonfuls of canned food in the morning and evening; plus whatever George leaves in his bowl. I'm really glad I decided to adopt both of them because they have so much energy my adult cats would not be happy. The boys chase each other all over the house until there both panting. Then get a bite to eat and nap on the porch. Donna

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