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Our Sponsor-a-Cat Program focuses on special needs felines or felines with chronic conditions (illness, old age, injured, shy or scared) – those that have been deemed untreatable or unadoptable and never get looked at.  Typically these cats are turned away at most shelter or rescue groups and even euthanized.


ABC is completely committed to the “unwanted” and helping meet their needs.  At ABC all cats’ lives are worth saving!


Your sponsorship donation to one of these cats will provide specialized, specific care (vaccinations, food, medication, medical treatments) to meet their needs.  Your donation provides them continued safety in a foster home receiving love and dedication until they are adopted, whatever amount of time that may be. These cats’ success is dependent on donations from the public. 

You can become a sponsor to one (or more) cats.  Your funding for the sponsorship will go directly to pay for the care, visits to the vet, medications and other special needs of the cats.  All it takes is a minimum donation of $25 per month per cat and we will send you a bio (including a photo and the cats’ story).  You will also receive a monthly progress report via e-mail.


So What’s Next Step?


  • Determine the amount you would like to pledge  – minimum donation is $25/month per cat

  • Determine how often you would like to make your donation to your Sponsor Cat(s) – monthly, quarterly, biannually or annually

  • Select your type of payment – cash, check or credit card (we accept all major credit cards)

  • Choose your Sponsor Cat(s) – listing coming soon!


What You Get

  • Quarterly updates on the progress of your Sponsor Cat(s), including photos of your Sponsor Cat(s)

  • An open invitation to call, visit, or email whenever you choose  to check on the well-being of your Sponsor Cat(s)


These Are a Few of Their Favorite Things


We have found that sponsors like to send their Sponsor Cat a gift from time to time.  Here are some ideas of what most of the cats enjoy: 


  • cat treats (freeze dried treats, fish flakes, etc)

  • toys of most kinds (small fabric toys, wand toys, catnip toys, ping pong balls or balls similar to this)

  • beds, kitty katnip pillows and blankets



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