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How You Can Help




Planned Giving

As an animal lover, a bequest through a will or trust document is a powerful declaration of the love and compassion you have for homeless and abandoned cats, indeed the most vulnerable and neediest among us. A bequest is a wonderful way to ensure that your legacy will make a difference for cats that will need our help in the future to find safe and loving homes.

For more information click here.


Foster parents give a temporary home to rescued cats until they are adopted.  Foster homes are needed for pregnant cats, moms with kittens, orphaned kittens and adult cats.  There is such a variety of needs and we try to match foster homes with appropriate circumstances. For more information click here.


Our Sponsor-a-Cat Program focuses on special needs felines or felines with chronic conditions (illness, old age, injured, shy or scared) – those that have been deemed untreatable or unadoptable and never get looked at.  Typically these cats are turned away at most shelter or rescue groups and even euthanized. For more information click here.


Volunteers are the lifeblood of animal rescue. Your gift of your time is priceless to making us successful in saving abandoned and homeless cats lives. For more information click here.


In-kind gifts such as goods, services & even certificates assist us in achieving our goals. To see our wishlist click here.

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