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Board of Directors & Founders


How It All Began


All ‘Bout Cats' (ABC) Board of Directors & Founders Nancy Skoney, Val Laking, Leslee Hall, Julie Schmelz and Eric Moulder collectively have nearly 40 years experience in cat rescue.  Over many years, they gained valuable expertise in caring for rescue cats -- rehabilitating sick cats, socializing frightened cats, and working with potential adopters to ensure the best possible match for each cat.  They also met many wonderful, like-minded people along their journey.


ABC’s Board is dedicated to fulfilling All 'Bout Cats' mission with effective planning and monitoring of its programs.  Building a competent board with legal and ethical integrity while following all guidelines for transparency is one of our highest priorities.


Our board members can be reached via e-mail at or by calling 727.712.7773.


An All-Volunteer Organization


From a core group of four volunteers, ABC grew until we now have many volunteers, including foster families, transporters, a web designer, writers, a graphic artist, a treasurer, a fundraising coordinator, a social media coordinator, and a community outreach coordinator. No member of ABC is paid a salary, so every penny donated to us goes to care for the cats we rescue.


We are lucky to have, amongst our volunteers, individuals knowledgeable about the characteristics and needs of cats.  We have close contacts in the cat-fancy community and exhibit at local TICA cat shows and even turn some of our stray cats into “show cats.”  Some of our foster homes specialize in caring for kittens, and of those, some have the special skills required to care for a pregnant cat and provide appropriate neonatal support to a feline mom and her litter.


Intake and Foster Care


Of course, the dream is one day having fewer cats needing rescue, but in the meantime we feel proud to be able to find homes for so many cats each year.  Most cats come to us from our community, some from individuals, and many that have been dropped off at local veterinarian offices.


The majority of our cats spend time in our foster homes, where once they have recovered from the initial trauma of abandonment, they live lives similar to what they hope to experience in their new, forever homes.  Cats requiring veterinary care receive treatment.  Cats that enjoy the company of other cats have opportunities to mingle, and many have regular interaction with children— and most with dogs too!  This allows us to give potential adopters detailed and accurate information about the disposition and needs of each cat.


Board Of Directors


Nancy Skoney, President

Val Laking, Treasurer

Eric Moulder





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