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Adopted 2 Kitties!

I found All Bout Cats on I wanted to adopt a kitten but not through a shelter. I contacted Leslee at All Bout Cats and was able to visit the kitten the next day. I was ready to take her home immediately and adopted a second one on the spur of the moment! Cats being fostered in a private home makes all the difference. They roam freely there just as they would in your home, not locked up in a cage, making for an easier transition to their forever home. They are given lots of love and are highly socialized. Their foster parents truly care about their welfare and patiently work with cats who might be a little shy and scared, to learn to trust and become a loving pet. My two kittens are now 6 months old. They are fun, affectionate, well behaved and bring lots of joy into my life. Thank you to Leslee and All Bout Cats.

~Celeste, Clearwater

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