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About 2 years ago we were looking for a buddy for our very shy and reclusive cat. We played with all the kittens at Leslee's home and decided on Axel (who we later renamed Rex), a velvetty soft blue/gray kitten with a couple white patches and gorgeous eyes. We fell in love with him and soon our other cat did too. Ever since then he's been a wonderful addition to our lives and it just wouldn't be the same without him! He's definitely brought our other cat out of his shell too, which is great. He loves to cuddle, practically on our faces when we're sleeping and rolls on his back every time he wants attention or a belly rub (as you can see in the photo). He loves to sit on the ledge of the bathtub between the shower curtain liner and the curtain and watches the water. He also loves getting into mischief and chasing our other cat around. Thank you so much for allowing us to visit with all the cats before we chose, as we definitely picked the perfect cat for us. And thank you for helping to bring such a happy little cat into our lives!

-Malory & Walter

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