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Make It A Double – Adopt A Pair!!


The reasons are countless why you should actually consider doubling your fun with two kittens.  Beginning with two may actually be much easier and more beneficial for the kittens.


So many feline lovers who adopt tend to be ready to adopt a second cat a year or two later.  They considered it originally but thought it would less work to start with one.  In reality it is much easier to have the two right from the start.  Adult cats can be territorial and introducing a new kitten can require lots of patience.  



What Do You Get With 2??

               ~double the love

               ~double the cuddles

               ~two kittens are a delight to watch play  

~two kittens entertain each other when you are not around (I always say “if you have one kitten you are their entertainment.  If you have two, they entertain you.”)

               ~there isn’t that much of an added cost



Some Additional Benefits

Kittens are in the beginning stages of learning from their mother, their surroundings and each other.  Having kitten on kitten interaction and all the playtime is actually a valuable educational opportunity to help them develop super social skills that they will need later.  They also learn communication and interpret each other’s signals, how hard to bite during playtime and how to share territory.


Some kittens coming into the rescue have been without a mother.  There is so much learning and socialization that takes place in the early part of a kitten’s life and this may be lost.  Fortunately these rescue kitties get that hands on socialization in our network of foster homes and when adopting a pair, the socialization will continue as they create security and comfort for each other.


Another benefit is that they learn from each other.  If you have ever spent time around kittens you know they are on the move – into everything.  Kittenhood is an important time of learning about all their skills.  Jumping teaches the kitten about how to gauge distance.  Walking along narrow objects they learn balance.  What looks like play and cat curiosity to us is really kitten education.  Stalking, playing, leaping, climbing, tumbling, using their claws, posturing all are lessons.  Kittens learn by observation so a pair will help each other.  This applies to using the litter box, what objects are safe to land on and which aren’t and most importantly the inquisitive kitten will help the more reluctant or shy kitten come out of their shell. 


Having a companion for playtime for a kitten can be one of the best forms of enrichment.  Most of us have to work and be gone away from home for some period of time.  A little kitten can get lonely and even scared.  Many have the false impression that cats are solitary and don’t want companionship but they certainly have a social structure to them and will benefit and even thrive when they have another feline friend.


The overall companionship achieved with two kittens can help in preventing future behavior problems from boredom or separation anxiety.  Bonds between two cats who have grown up together become very strong.  The joy of watching two long time cat companions curled up together as they nap together basking in the sun is a treasured sight indeed!




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